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cover of Time magazine for December 5, 2011...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

contact lens

we could have a fucking good time...

Beautiful Geological Maps of Volcanoes

Sheila Hicks

Sheila Hicks has been creating art through textiles for over 50 years....

"Today we are globally and cosmically interwoven." ~ Sheila Hicks

a recent interview with her via Hand/Eye
"What invigorates you as an artist?
My work is based on emotional responses to visual impressions or to the need to express an idea – to give it form. Color, texture, concept, scale, and structure are inextricably linked. When artists achieve this in their work I think they develop personal and original voices – sometimes with perfect pitch. Oddities (sometimes perceived as mistakes) fascinate me. Deviations from the norm, and reparations, inevitably catch my attention and provoke admiration for the ingenuity of the artist-artisan. I worship intelligent hands.
Poetry keeps me calmly sane."

fire trees

trees on fire, as seen when I was in North Carolina two weeks ago...

(taken with my iphone)

to grow your own raw material...


it is said indigo was discovered around 3000 BC....
"The transformative, almost magical, aspect of indigo dyeing may have been the reason for its special use in rituals, and its rich symbolic attributes. For the Chinese, indigo garments were a symbol of wealth and protection. In the Maya culture, sacrifices for the Goddess of Fertility were dyed in indigo. In Africa, wearing the color indigo gave you protection against the sun – and other dangerous influences at large in the world. Within contemporary color therapy, the energy frequency of the color indigo is said to help us rise above fear and frustration, and is the color of faith and fairness. Think true blue – something constant and beyond fickle knowledge. " ~Birgitta De Vos for Hand/Eye

pictures via Hand/Eye


Infra by Richard Mosse

you are beautiful

source unknown

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Billy Childish

went to an artist talk/poetry reading by Billy Childish at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, where there is an exhibition of some of his most recent paintings, last night.
if you don't already know Childish is a painter, poet, author, musician, intelligent, and opinionated among other things...
All in all I left feeling very inspired...
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 via my iphone
via my iphone

i am billy childish
ex drunk
and compulsive masturbator
late nite vomiter of good liquor
kisser of purple lipped women
riter of poems celebrating the
emptiness of my love
poems hungering for the moment
of my passion
wishing it could always be so
to never let my cock fall

i am billy childish
ex strongman
and 2-bit lover
late nite namer of names
corrupter of the literate
riter of poems that dare
to dream to pass down
the centurys
and touch the harts of the
the yet-to-be-born
wishing to hold them
to my arms
and kiss them all

i am billy childish
and failed suiside
late nite vomiter of truth and lies
kisser of the arses of girls
like the stars of god
riter of poems to lick
the thighs of the dead
for ex- lovers to denounce
and teachers to hate
wishing to paint my life
and to never let my
voice quieten

"the great thing about painting is painting"
source unknown

with poems that sting like wasps

i was in love
with truth
not love
with poems that sting like wasps
mad men in the sway of false gods
i have been stung
so i too will sting
so i stung myself
because truth without love
is the worst type of lying

all along
within this shell
i always loved love
and now i forgive all
see that even a wasp is nothing but
a little winged tiger

~Billy Childish