Sunday, February 28, 2010

punto banco

yoga farm in Punto Banco (village in Costa Rica), community living, with one with the environment....

Friday, February 26, 2010


Louis Le Roy began the eco-cathedral thirty years ago in the dutch town of Mildam.
It explores, questions, and contemplates the built environment we live in, how fast we build, why we build, and how (or whether) we build in harmony with our surroundings and with nature.
In some ways it looks like you might have stumbled upon some ruins of a past building, or possibly an unfinished project, that is now blending in and being taken over by mother nature. And yet, it is not ruins, but the beginnings of a project, it is a built environment under way, an ever changing reality, moving at a slower pace so that the lines are blurred, forcing us to reconsider the fast pace in which we live and the way we treat our environment when building into it.
To say that it is quietly beautiful and inspiring is an understatement.
More can be read about it here:
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Thorunn Arnadottir

The Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir has designed a clock/measurement of time that challenges your common perception of it, even allowing you to wear 'time'.

Arnadottir explains how it works:
each bead in the necklace is 5 minutes. the whole necklace is one solar day. the orange and red beads
represent the whole hours. as the wheel turns, one bead falls off and drops down the string every 5 minutes.
to tell time one must count the beads from the silver bead (midnight) or the golden bead (noon) to the last
bead that fell off the wheel.

the necklace can also be taken off the wheel and worn.

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the artist Rebecca Chamerlain

the artist and my friend Rebecca Chamerlain:
all the blue tones are beautiful. the mystery of the empty spaces having been occupied in the past or about to be occupied leave an emptiness to contemplate...

the artist Jan Vormann

some of his work:
(I love the meeting of the old, aged and worn with the new, plastic, and bright.)