Sunday, December 7, 2008

fleas and life

why no, come to think of it, i have yet to become acquainted with any fleas at the flea market tho i have been enticed by other knick-knacks and the such and i am familiar with a mermaid who once sang about such things. i have also heard that a 7 up is better than a 7 down tho i am now curious as to a 7 right or 7 left. those lamps without lampshades, i have heard they are quite fascinating and brighten a dull room just as the color yellow might brighten a dull aura or mood.
all these piles upon piles of things we are surrounded by; i bet jim henson, the future father of my first born child, would have some thoughts on the subject. but first i must go put his sperm in the freezer for safe keeping...
(written January 8, 2008)