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time sped up

plans for the summer: everyday should feel...


Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures
By Sri Dharma Mittra

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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...the chakras...

sweat shop

Sweat Shop functions like a cyber cafe except instead of computers there are sewing machines that you may use and pay by the hour. New and located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, it is supposed to encourage people to buy less while being more creative and recycling things they already own or find.
more information can be found here:
the shop's website is here:

Photos by Fabrice Fortin for Paris by Appointment Only™

Maria De Morais

a painter...
pictures by Nicholas Calcott
info and pictures found here:


70 million by Hold Your Horses!

Sunbeam Poem Projector by Jiyeon Song

poetic messages through perforations aligned with the passing of the sun
timelapse video here: from:

Snurk bedding

creative and conceptual duvet covers and sheets by Snurk Bedding...including sheets that look like pavement and a duvet cover that looks like cardboard boxes, a large percentage of these proceeds go to help the homeless.
other ideas are a duvet cover with the print on it of laundry on the bed...

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a cool video...

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

A video by Bonsajo for the song of the japanese cubesato

let's colour project
a worldwide movement to change gray spaces into color!

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porcelain cans...

Lei Xue "Tee Trinken"photo courtesy Galeire Hubert Winter Vienna

manga farming

artist Koshi Kawachi cultivating crops within the pages of old, damp magazines...