Monday, May 12, 2008

meditations on female concave-eared frogs and donkeys

I was reading this article on (check it out if you haven't - always something intriguing there) on how female concave-eared frogs attract mates with ultrasonic sounds ( and received a chuckle from this particular paragraph:
“We have a lot of work to do to figure out whether she directs the signal to one male or whether she lets a bunch of males come and compete, or whether there is any kind of dueting session during which she then decides: ‘OK, You’re my guy. Hop on my back and I’ll take you to the creek!’"Feng said."

If only life were so easy. Males all singing different songs and serenades hoping that a female might hear him and take a liking to his toon, and if that miracle should happen she hollers out to him "Yeah, you're my guy! Hop on my back and man! I'll take you for a riiiide!" And damn, that man would be a lucky and grateful frog for such an incredible female concaved-eared frog!
Oh, and how great if we humans were able to communicate with the one we are attracted to with ultrasonic sounds! That would eliminate cell phones, texting, long distance, and the likes, which in the end produce frustration, miscommunication, and large bills. Ultrasonic sound vibrations are much sexier, if not slightly creepy.

I also like how it is the gal who in this scenario is carrying away the guy off into the sunset, because let's be honest the men are not riding up to doors on white horses these days, and seriously nor were they ever! (that scenario was a myth kids!)

But here's an idea, why don't we all just buy ourselves our own donkey and let an ass take us off into the unknown horizon! For we all are asses in the end.