Sunday, October 24, 2010

the cloisters

i visited the cloisters, a part of the Met museum and in Fort Tryon Park (way up on 190th street on the west side of new york, its quite a hike to get there!).  i had not been up there for several years and had been wanting to revisit it for sometime now so yesterday was a beautiful day to go up there.  the cloisters are interesting, particularly if you have an interest in medieval art and/or architecture, and fort tryon park surprises you with its beautiful gardens and views of the river and new jersey....

stained glass
was really into this painted box and the stories it told
mysterious creatures with wings and chicken feet
love how abstract the drapery of the fabric was painted
vaulted ceilings
face within the stomach of a demon creature
the last unicorn
sweet tights.... also incredible textiles
magic plants
plants used by artists
what those medieval folks thought of hell
monkeys building a table
view from fort tyron park

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